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    component cable - no difference in wii sports?

    Hey folks.

    I bought the wii component cable at WalMart last night.

    Just for reference, my TV is a 42" plasma, capable of the 480p.

    I plugged the cable into the appropriate component jacks on the tv.

    Now, the only Wii game I have right now is Sports. So I changed the display settings of the wii to EDTV/HDTV and fired the game up.

    I couldn't tell a single difference in the component cable and the standard red/white/yellow cable. Is this normal for sports? Has anyone else noticed an improvement? If anything, it almost looked worse. The pins in bowling and outline of the characters in baseball looked very jagged.

    As of right now, I put the component cable back in the package and plan on returning it. I couldn't tell any difference at all with the two cables.
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    Please use the search bar. This question has been asked and answered many many times.
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    Buuut yea, games which are better quality with them cables will say "EDTV/HDTV" on the back of the game box.

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