Oh I know, you're talking about computer monitors. As far as I know, it can be called a monitor without any worries about regulation; television on the other hand, it cannot be called. Anything with an ATSC tuner can be considered a television though. I don't think the 25" size thing matter much as all the smaller monitors I've seen with tuners have almost always been called monitors.

Either way, I'm loving the low prices. Had a 40" LCD monitor that I recently sold for $650 as it was an early generation (dvi and svideo/rca only). The newer ones are really beautiful compared to just about anything in the past (past lcd's and many past plasmas). Even so, the picture itself looked great on the 40 when hooked up the the PC. Standard definition broadcast television looks awful on anything HD though, as everythings blurry. Even on a small 15" LCD monitor, tv recordings look like garbage compared to SD 32" CRT's. The only big thing to keep in mind when purchasing a new tv.