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    Im sorry, but whats the point of this thread? If your asking for help, i suggest you let it cool down, sometiems it over heats. The problomes you people on the forums have i have nerver heard of. i wonder sometimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wii_BrEnDo2007
    i crapped my self when my wriststrap broke and flew into the tele while playing wii-sports.Tele did not break though so i was very happy
    hey you say "tele" just like us Mexicans in Spanish..where are you from? UK?

    anyway I have never had the wrist strap breaking problem, so I'm glad about that..I still ordered Nintendo the new straps! lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lip
    Right im playing need for speed everything is going fine i decide i want to go and play Wii sports have a game of tennis, need for speed was doin me head cant destroy the cop cars so i press the home button and go to the wii menu i eject need for speed and put in wii sports i then turn away for like 30 seconds and the screen has gone black with a message saying there has been an error please press eject and go read the manual for trouble shooting.. So i press eject and then press standby, Crapping myself by now thinking my wii has broke so i reboot and try wii sports again i go to the game channel and it cant read wii sports i eject again thinking ive put it in upside down(did that the first time i put again in my wii crapped myself then aswell) anyays it was in the right was but it still wont read so i tryed need for speed again and that read fine so i thought it was my wii sports not working that i could live with so i unpluged it from the mains for a few min pluged it back in tryed wii sports and it worked fine
    Panic over lol

    i almost crapped myself when i read this and thought i was in a foreign speaking forum. then i realized it was just your crappy grammar.

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