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    (just in case people havn't figured it out yet, I have't seen a good explanation yet here)...

    The sensor bar transmits to the WiiMote. In layman's terms, it sends out constant signals from various angles that say "I'm over here", which each WiiMote picks up on. This only applies for the pointer, where you must be pointed directly at the screen. The gyros in the WiiMote and Nunchuck send signals back to the system that say "I'm moving left" or "I'm tipping forward", but without the sensor bar, all the WiiMote knows is that it's moving without any knowledge of where the TV is.

    To create a glove peripheral from this, all you would have to do is put an IR port (for the sensor bar) in a creative place (say, the point of the index finger), re-route the various buttons to the fingers, and find a place to put the gyro sensors (like in the back side, where they wouldn't interfere with your motion)
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