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I agree 100%, then there always is that argument that it would cost to much to sell the charger with it, but really its a simple answer. they just could have added two copper pieces at the bottom that feed to the batteries. Then sell the charger alone with charging packs that can replace the batteries. Also considering how quickly the batteries run out i am really surprised it never crossed their minds. Also they seemed to have thought of everything else even adding a SD card slot to the machine but not that. Odd cause in the end batteries dont make nintendo money and selling chargers would have.
If you mean the idea behind KODAK cameras (2 copper connectors connected to the battery compartment (negative and positive), which allows you to use either alkaline or Wii only rechargable batteries, that when the Wii only NiMH batteries are inserted, they can be charged inside the Wiimote), then I agree, it's easy and quick to do, Nintendo should of thought of that, and yeah, there would always be the argument saying that it would increase the price of the Wii, I don't know why Nintendo didn't think of that, but they also forgot about people playing the Wii on a projector and not thinking if having the stock Wii sensor bar wireless