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    Quote Originally Posted by allsport21
    is it this one?

    that's pretty sweet. how many controllers does it fit?
    I Got That And It Works Great! it Can Fit:
    Two Controllers
    Two Nunchuks
    AC Adapter(The Brick & Cord)
    AV Output(The colored prongs & Cord)
    Classic Controller
    Sensor Bar
    My 12-CD Case(For Compact-Ness)
    And... My DS + All 12 Of My Games.

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    i have the same sling bag with a different design, similar to the messenger bag , it works good ifyou have good packing skills i was able to fit all the stuff in my sig(well i can fit the thing that holds the wii, but you could put that in idfferent luggage) plus a battery charger

    the top pocket goes really deep if you put your wiimotes all horizontal laying on each other and like i said have good packing skills with the nunchucks, you could probably fit 4 of each in
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    the mario that's roomed with mush
    my wii is not connected to the internet, so i can't play brawl online for a bit....please do not spam inbox with friend code requests

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