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    Wii golf Freezing

    Bought my Wii 4 days ago, was up early this morning playing the sports training for maby 2 1/3 hours stoped for 10mins then started golfing again and the screen froze and it made a steady beep, the power button and the remote wouldnt work so i unpluged it and the lower left side was warm not what i would call hot. But as you can tell im alittle freaked out.

    Cause for concern?

    Should i lay it on its side, i thought maybe covering that bottom vent may be bad? is the stand ok to use?

    Does anyone have a gun i can borrow?!?!?!?!

    tyvm for any replies

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    Welcome to wiichat and enjoy your stay.
    Just leave it unplugged for a bit, and then you should be able to play it again without problems. If the problem persists however, then I say its time to get a replacement.
    Laying it in either position is fine, although the most preferred position is vertical.
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