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Thread: Damn Grips

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    i have the silicon gloves that go over the wiimotes....i actually love them. i only ripped one though because of my nails other than that they are very cheap and i dont mind buying a new one incase it does happen again.

    i have no problems taking them off and changing the batteries when needed

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    Quote Originally Posted by billcsho
    I got the sport grips to replace the original battery covers on the first day. I don't remember if it was hard to get the cover off, but the sport grip cover is not difficult to open at all. My sport grips are by Nyko. It has rubber cushion on it so it is easier to hold on when playing tennis or golf. The pairs are color coded so I can easily tell which is WiiMote1 without those ugly silicone skin. I bought it at CircuityCity for $6.99 but I found them at FYE for $4.99 and GameStop for $9.99.
    If you would have correctly synched your wii remotes, than there would be no such thing as wii remote 1 until you turn on the wii.

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