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    Firstly, do you know what mod chip you have installed in your wii?
    Find out if you can. Then try to update the chip by downloading the appropriate setup disc thing from the mod chip's website.
    You can always open up the wii and take a picture of the chip if you dont know, post it here and someone will identify it for you pretty easily.

    Try and do a full system update. (ie go into settings, console settings and reset the system).

    The most likely cause of your problem IMO is that your mod chip has either had a software failure, or a physical failure where one of the solder points has come loose. Obvioulsy this you would only know by actually opening up and inspecting it.
    The failure of the chip is meaning the console is no longer recognising the discs from other regions.

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    There should be a Troubleshooting booklet or website linked with the mod chip.

    If not, it will teach you not to mod your console!

    (Not a jab at you because I too modded my console.........to make the l.e.d.s red.)

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