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Thread: wii craped out

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    Quote Originally Posted by gpracing
    Talk about crapping out, have you heard about all the issues with the xbox 360? I have gone through 3 of them already due to overheating issues! All covered under warranty but had to be replaced them with new ones! I wouldnt get a 360 because Im hearing that 1 out 4 four units are being returned because of the overheating issue. 360 is cool and all, but they die after a short time. If you must get a 360, spend the extra 30 or so bucks on an extended warranty!
    nah, he wouldnt have to get the extended warranty. Microsoft extended everybodys warranty for the 360 by three years from the original purchase date. But that only applies to your 360 if it completely "craps" (refer to title) out on you leaving you nothing but 3 red rings of death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by manufan15
    Theres tons of new games coming out like SSBB, Mario Strikers Charged in a few hours, MP3, and such coming out though. How could you sell it now????

    Because it doesn't work I didn't sell it lucky that I was in my 90 day return policy I just got my full refund yesterday Now I am waiting for my B day to justify the cost of a 360, and by than the 360 will have dropped in price

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