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Thread: New LCD TV

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    New LCD TV

    Hey guys, I just bought a 23 inch LCD TV today. Its not HD or EDTV but the guy said its HD capable (whatever that means)

    Anyway, when I set it up and turned on the Wii it actually looks worse than when I had a regular TV. It is kinda blurry and kinda blocky.

    I went into the settings and set it for widescreen and it still didnt help.

    Now, my question is: Do I need to buy the more expensive cables? Will that help? In the Wii settings I couldn't even change the setting to HD or ED. If I get the better cable will it make the picture any better? I only ask this because I hear that it will only look better if you have an HDTV but I find that hard to believe. I do have component inputs so I am guessing it should help.

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    95% of the time its your t.v settings. not the cables or the wii.

    can you take a picture of the wii on the LCD?

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