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    For all those wanting to use a Monitor with the Wii...

    I have seen a lot of threads of people asking how they can connect their Wii to their PC monitor and here is the solution. Not only does it do that but it also allows screen capture and recording strait to your computers hard drive.

    V-Box for Wii
    Connect your Wii to a VGA screen. Record your gameplay on a hard disk for review, screen capture or to show your skills to friends!

    The V-Box for Wii by XCM is more than just a VGA Box to connect your Wii console to any PC screens. It is USB based, you connect to any PC via USB 2.0 port and let you record or capture all that your Wii display on the screens. An add-on recorder also can allow you to record DVD/VCD/CD via the V-Box from the disk player to your PC hard drive.

    Product specifications - Crystal Clear Picture Screen. - Supports USB 2.0, plug and play, does not require changing configuration - Supports Streaming Video, which can be stored in multiple formats including MPEG-1/MPEG-2/MPEG-4/AVI/VCD/DVD/SVCD - Supports multiple picture file formats such as: JPEG, GIF etc. - Supports multiple input formats standards: NTSC/PAL/SECAM - Auto playback, allows you to store in game action to your PC/laptop - Additional optional addon recorder. - Image can be configured: Brightness/contrast/Image sharpness/fullness/color) - Supports Windows 2000/XP operating systems

    Important information
    Requires Windows 2000/XP O.S. The V-Box is compatible with Mac OS X, if you purchase the eMPIA drivers and player for US $29.95.: http://www.echofx.com/videoglide.html

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    That's reasonably clever - instead of a direct connect to the monitor, it's a just a USB based screen cap device. Looks like it support a full screen mode (which would have been the only downside if it were only Wii-in-a-window).
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