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    Quote Originally Posted by evopanop
    I'll say exactly what I said in the other Hard Drive thread...

    What a liar this guy from Nintendo is. Mine forever, huh? I had to get rid of my original Wii a while back, and just recently purchased a new one. Now, I have to re-download (and BUY again) all of the VC games that I had originally purchased. Why? Because the VC games that you buy are linked to the Wii that you bought them on. That has got to be the most stupid thing I have ever heard of. I've gone through three Xbox 360s, and I've been able to re-download all of my purchased content without any problems every single time. How is that? Because the purchase data is linked to my online account, not the console.

    Nintendo really needs to step up and get their act together. Come on now. Why in the name of god would you link a purchase to a console? They have you link your Wii to your Nintendo online account anyway, so they should just link all of your purchases to that account, as well. My Nintendo online account even still shows all of the VC games that I had originally purchased on my first Wii, yet even after linking this new one to my Nintendo online account they are still not re-downloadable for free - I have to buy them all over again. Very annoying, very frustrating, very sad.

    To get back on topic - 512MB of internal memory is nothing. Most people don't have to wipe their songs off of their iPods because most people have REAL iPods that have REAL hard drives in them. I highly doubt that most people have more than 30-160GB of MP3s. Sorry to keep bringing up the Xbox 360; but, my 360 has a 120GB hard drive and it's already about 3/4 of the way filled. I love downloadable content and games. That's what the hard drive is there for, and I absolutely take full advantage of it. Nintendo really needs to wake up and come out with a Wii that has a hard drive, or come out with a hard drive attachment for the existing Wii. The 120GB hard drive upgrade for the Xbox 360 is currently $179.99 I believe; but, I wouldn't mind paying $149.99 for a 120GB (or thereabouts) hard drive attachment for the Wii.

    Also, give us more pages for the these VC games! On my old Wii I had almost all of the pages full with VC games - it was ridiculous. Now there are even MORE games out that I want to get. There just isn't enough real estate for all of these games; and, deleting them, IMO, is a very poor solution to this situation.

    Sorry for such a long post, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the read, though.
    Nice rant (seriously). Nintendo needs to double check themselves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laderer5
    lol nice price for that size of hardware.
    In the text it says 5MB for $2898.00, you know, if you don't think you'll use the whole 10MB
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