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    American Wii on Indian TV's

    I am taking Wii from USA to India. Since there is difference between the format (NTSC/PAL) I am trying to figure out what would be the best way to run Wii in India on my TV.

    After digging up the forums this is what I found

    Quote Originally Posted by dchao
    Hi Rajeev,

    I looked it up on the Internet, and got the specs on your TV


    It's HD-Ready and has two component inputs (Y.Pb.Pr). What you should do is to order a component cable with your US Wii. And you won't even have to worry about NTSC or PAL Go HD
    Just to make sure that I understand it correctly.

    If the TV has a component input (which most of the TV's now a days do), all I need is a component cable and it does not matter whether TV is NTSC/PAL ?

    Please confirm that I am understandin it correctly.


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    As far as i know if your TV can support a 60HZ signal then it should be able to play an NTSC console. When i lived in the UK i had an American Snes that worked fine on my TV with composite cables (although it needed to be adapted for the different voltage and plug). Some older TVs would produce an unstable image but i doubt that would be a problem on newer sets.

    I dont know about Wii component cables but i would guess that it would work the same as my Snes did.

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