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Thread: Skip startup?

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    Skip startup?

    Well, I just went on a trip down to LA, and brought my wii to make it more fun, but silly me I forgot my wiimotes. Now obviously I won't be able to play my wii games, but i was wondering if I could somehow play my gc games that I brought with. Now after doing some reasearch I have learned that there is no way to navigate using gc controllers. So the question is can I skip the start up and go steright to playing my game. Or is my wii going to be as usefull as a plate for thanksgiving wiikend?

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    AWK! Don't use it as a plate, gravy will mess up your electronics
    If you wait long enough the Wii will boot to the main menu but, as far as I know,you need the Wiimote to navigate the menus. Hint to your family that you really NEED a second (fourth?) wiimote for an early holiday gift.

    Good luck

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