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    Quote Originally Posted by doctorecs
    This is the problem with the wii.There is always some problem with it.Its fun but im sick of finding things anoying about it.
    What kind of problems are you referring too?

    I have noticed some games will give me that range warning when others will not. For example, with Rayman's Raving Rabbits, I would get the out of range warning when I was more than ~1 meter from the screen, but I could be closer to 2 meters when playing Scarface (I've even used the remote close to 3 meters away in the Wii menu). I think there is something programmed into the games that will give you these warnings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LiquidD
    I wish everyone would read the damn manual instead of posting a post about a dumbass question like the one asked in this thread.

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