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    Quote Originally Posted by Link_of_Hyrule
    Linux was used to build the Wii os so basicaly wii is running on a moded form of linux
    Actually I think it's just a rumor that the Nintendo Wii operating system uses Linux, and I doubt it's true. BTW, and even if "Linux was used to build" the Ninendo Wii operating system (which I think is a pretty broad statement), why does that make you think it uses a "modded form of linux"???

    Anyhows, sorry to go off topic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasong
    Actually, when I asked whether or not it had potential as a regular computer, I was just talking about it's potential to process data. I'm not actually looking to use it as a regular computer, just possibly something to feed my urge for MORE POWER.

    btw, what is this smiley supposed to mean? It looks like he couldn't make up his mind whether or not to make the sign language symbol for,"I love you," or the sign of Satan. Both look somewhat similar, strangely enough, except for the position of the thumb.
    lol I believe the actual pop name for that hand gesture is "rock on"

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    I remember when it used to be about bits! 8bit 16 bit I don't even know how fast that is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasong
    PowerPC, I think, means Macintosh. I've heard the Linux distros for Mac are fairly robust. They fairly scream at sieving, which basically means taking a range of numbers you want to find out whether their prime or not, and looking for small factors, which would mean not having to test them. They're also good at the Elliptic Curve Method, which basically amounts to taking a large number and attempting to find it's factors.(Determining whether or not a number is prime is tremendously easier than determining the factors if it isn't, by a factor of at least thousands. And yes, I just used two different definitions of factor in the same sentence. )
    no!!!! powerPC is an ibm based chip that was originally used in apple computers. it basically means that ibm will be winning the console wars bc all the next-gens are running ibm chips.

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