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    Quote Originally Posted by shrek4wii
    I washed a game wrongly, I put soap on it and then ran water over it and washed it and dried it with a hand towel. Would washing it right undo that?
    What exactly happened to the disc when you washed it? What happened to it that you are trying to undo?

    CDs are just plastic (at least the exposed parts are plastic). As long as the soap or towel were not abrasive and didn't leave a film then it be ok still. I've received DVD movies from Netflix that looked like someone's dog burried it in the yard before they mailed it back. A little Windex and a soft paper towel cleans them up just fine. Drying them off is where you're most likely to scratch them, so be careful.

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    The way I clean my discs.

    IF its just dust, then get a non-abbrasive dusting cloth from your local game store.

    If something got on the surface then use a diluted soapy water solution, or if it very bad use a low percetage isopropyl alcohol. Air dry then use the dust cloth.
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