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    Quote Originally Posted by doomoo
    Thank for prompt reply, Gymnast.
    You mean the message can come even after I turn off the machine?
    If so, blue light inside of DVD slot is on?
    "is tht not wt" => What this means?
    yes if your wii is plugged in, but not ”on“ you can recieve messages.

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    Good god you guys sure know how to make a total clusterf%$k out of one question.
    Simple answer:
    Wii power button has three colors- Red, Orange, Green.
    If your light is RED and you have blue disc-slot light and/or spinning disc, then you have a problem with your Wii. Get it repaired. Period.

    If your light is ORANGE, then you're connected to the 'net and have a new message. Your game disc should not be "spinning". Period.

    If your light is GREEN, then your Wii is on and could be doing anything at all.

    By the way people, the word is spelled 'YOU', not 'U', learn to spell and type full sentences because that annoying shit is ruining the internet for people who actually speak and write English, and have read a book or two. It just SCREAMS "unintelligent" wen U spel ur werds lik dis!!

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