After reading that the stand-alone GH III Guitars would be $59.99!!! @#$%^% I was pretty outraged!

So, the way I understand it is, the incompetents at Activision saying that the game part of the combo GH3 package for the Wii is only worth $30? Kinda funny that they think the Guitar shaped hunk of plastic is worth $60!?!?

So when are they gonna make ports of the 1st & 2nd Guitar Heros for just $30 each for the Wii? Cause I would buy those, just for the additional songs!

Anyways, I hope most of you saw that Toys R Us has the game pack on sale this week for only $70!

What made this deal great was that I still had my $25 TRU gift card from my Mario Galaxy purchase. So in the end, the 2nd Guitar (I already have owned a copy of GH III since release day) with an extra copy of the game only cost me ~$50 (after tax). Not to bad

Even without the Gift Card, $70 for a 2nd Guitar is pretty good, considering that they are gonna want $60 for just the Guitar when it comes out in a few weeks.

The best part of all of this, is the fact that I can keep rocking out while the incompetents at Activision replace my 1st copy of the game while I am able to still play my 2nd one! Once they are both replaced, it is off to ebay for the 2nd copy, to make the overall purchase that much cheaper!