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    Plus it goes to reason that people with N64 cartridges lying about will tend to have an N64 to play it on.
    If I had an N64 and a Wii that could play N64 cartidges I'd play them on the N64 because of the controller. I love that controller...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreammer
    I was told perfect dark for the 64 was going to be availible as adownload; is this not true?

    As Rare is now owned by Microsoft, only a few 'characters' remain property of Nintendo (e.g. Donkey Kong). When Nintendo and Rare ended their contracts with each other, they looked at ownership and created a list of who would have the rights to what. Perfect Dark ended up with Rare, which allowed for Perfect Dark Zero to be released on the XBox 360. In short, Rare own all rights to perfect dark and so therefore it will not be released on the VC as Nintendo have no rights to use it.

    The only way it could ever be released is if Nintendo where to talk to Microsoft about the sales issues. But this won't happen as the legal implications for one game are hardly worth it.

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    this was the first rumor of how it would be fully backward compatible

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