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    Popular Science Dissects a Wii ... so you don't have 2!!

    Yo I wasn't able to purchase a Wii, yesterday, not for lack of trying....closest I came was a dude outside of ToyrUs would have sold me one of his preorder Wii's for $400 but I didn't bite. I did get to play 1/2 an hour on a store demo wii running ExciteTruck. I'm definately pumped. ANYWAY....came across the Popular Science website's disection of a wii pics and thought yah'll would appriciate seeing whats inside your Wii without having to tear it apart.

    Check it out!

    Popular Science: Wii Broke It - Photo Gallery
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    PopSci: "Hm, we don't have the special screw driver to open the Wii. Guess we have to smash it!"
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