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    I need a modem/router that works directly with the Wii!

    I have a Netgear modem/router hooked up at my house, and a USB Wi-Fi Connector too, and this combo worked to play Strikers, but, ever since Brawl released I haven't been able to get any kind of connection.
    I went online and eventually figured out it's because my Netgear has an SPI Firewall or some crap and Nintendo's servers hate SPI firewalls. Since I can't turn it off I have to get a new modem/router.
    So can anyone recommend a modem/router that works great with a Wii? I have a 150ish American dollar budget for the thing, as I'm tired of this crap not working and well, I just can't spend 200 bucks on a modem/router.

    Here's a list of routers that are incompatible with the Wii, apparently!

    F5D6231-4 vers. 1000
    F5D7230-4 vers. 4000

    WCG200 ver. 2
    WCG200-CC ver. 2

    CG814WG ver .2


    Bummer, I have a Netgear CG814WG ver 2! Any advice?
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    Most routers should work fine. It's the rare one that doesn't. You just got unlucky.

    I have a Buffalo AirStation G54. It works great. They don't make this model anymore though. I highly recommend Buffalo routers though.

    See here:
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