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    Heeeeeelp...wat lead do I need

    Hey well I was justt wondering what lead do I need to get my Wii to work with my projector?...its port at the back of the projector is svga and have seen leads on ebay for the xbox to hook them up with a projector but nothing for wii ....any advice?

    ps sorry if i have posted this but i just cudnt find anything in forum which told me where or what lead i needed....

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    Quote Originally Posted by lavisking
    i just cudnt find anything
    Ahem. English please.

    Anyway, most projectors have a composite input (which would work with the cable that came with your Wii) and S-Video input (which would work with a 3rd-party Wii cable that is easy to find). Many projectors even have component inputs, which is also available for the Wii with the proper cable. What model projector do you have? It's odd that it has none of these.

    If you truly only have a VGA input on your projector, you'll have to get a VGA adapter plus the appropriate cable. Component is best, then S-Video, with composite being the last-choice.
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