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    Quote Originally Posted by dirty305bo View Post
    i have this problem where i cant move things from the internal memory to my SD card (wii sd card) im guessing its not made for extra memory but more like a back up.

    example: internal memory is full, move a game to the sd card and erase it from the internal memory or "blocks", then move the game back when you feel like playing it.

    hope that made sence but it sucks

    If a game is wifi enabled then you cannot copy the data to the SD card. Non-wifi games you can do this as many times as you want.

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    copy the original save onto an SD card
    put it in a safe location on your computer
    copy the downloaded save onto the SD card
    delete the original save off the wii.
    copy the d/led save onto your wii.
    play said game.

    as was said you can't copy wifi games
    also, you can't have two save files on the wii at the same time.
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