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    Months later, wiimotes dead?

    Hey everyone, I have a problem with my wiimotes and I'm beginning to think they simply died. I bought my Wii 9 months ago, along with 2 wiimotes. They both worked fine and I played alot, but I lost interest and the Wii eventually sat in the corner of my basement collecting dust for a few months. Today, I decided to give it another go and turned it on, finding that both of my wiimotes produced no response whatsoever. I tried replacing batteries, re-syncing, but not a single blue flash or any other response came out of it. Am I forgetting to do something, or are my wiimotes dead? I remember before that the wiimotes flashed blue squares depending on how much battery was remaining, but neither do that now.
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    batterys and clean the dust in the battere cover the dust dose tnd to cuse problems

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