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    Quote Originally Posted by HankB View Post
    It sounds like a big enough deal to me. Having to remove batteries or remove the jacket every time you use them would be a royal PITA and sure seems to me to indicate a problem with the Wiimote.

    I would suggest trying to solve the problem rather than treating the symptom as others have suggested. Since no one here can offer a suggestion, it seems like it is time to contact Nintendo Support to see what they can suggest.

    I just contacted Nintendo support and was informed that I'm SOL (my console and remotes are nearly 2 years old and out of warranty).

    So my choices are to either send in the remotes and have them replace them via. the standard charge plus shipping....or go pick up new ones for the store for less money. At this point in time I'm going to open them up and see if I can't find anything on the board that's fried. If not, I'll continue to take the batteries out.

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