Ok here is my problem I have a big display 55" plasma. It is wall mounted and I sit all the way to the back of the room at the opposite wall to view it. No need to be close with a tv this size. Now with my 360 and PS3 I am fine as thier controllers seem to have more range than the Wii. If I sit back in my viewing position (sofa) the Wiimote doesn't have quite enough range. Meaning that there is no pointer icon on the screen, however if I sit up and come forward about a foot it works fine. So I have to sit up on the edge of the sofa to play Wii correctly. I can't lean back and relax as that puts me just out of range. My question is do they make a sensor bar with a better range. I have seen various third party sensor bars even wireless ones. But if the range is the same on all of them, it won't solve my delema.