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    Eject button physically broken

    Hi all. Hope you can help...

    My eject button is stuck. It doesn't "pop" out. I have to physically press it as hard as possible (and I have very strong hands) to eventually get the disk to eject. Lately, it's gotten worse and I have to pound the button with a blunt instrument... :-)

    I have already taken the wii apart to see if I could fix it, but it's not the plastic button. It's the part on the drive that the plastic button touches. Since it doesn't pop back out, the plastic can't hit it, except with a lot of force.

    Is there a way to do a software eject? Or any other advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Note that I have not modded the wii in any way. I've read other problems where people can't eject disks after modding, but this is actually a physical problem with the button.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    mmm theres no way that i can think of to do a software eject. your best bet would be to probably send it to nintendo and get it fixed.

    warranty might be void ( if its still under warranty) because you've opeend it.. but then again i havent read the Wii warranty conditions.

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    Mine has that problem too, except it's the console power button that will not move or anything, and it was a brand new Wii from Wallmart. It's weird that someone else had that problem, but I can just get it off and on with the Wiimote, and I'm taking it back to exchange ASAP.

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