I am hoping that someone might be able to help. I should probably give you my specs before I ask for advice. I have the wii hooked up to a viewsonic vx2255wmb monitor through a VDigi VD-W2 Wii VGA cable. I have the screen settings on the wii to HDTV. I have played 10 or so different games on it with no problem.

So, tonight I purchased Family Ski and Snowboard. When I started the game (I got to the welcome screen and pressed start), my monitor went black and gave an "out of range" error message which flashed intermittently. I could not make out the range figures beneath the "out of range" message.

I am not willing to buy a tv for this one game. Is there a setting on the wii to make this game function on my setup?

*I tried changing the screen settings to 60Mhz, which caused my monitor to go black completely (could not even get to the wii menu)*

Thanks for any help!