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    Using a Korean Wii in the USA

    Hey all,

    I bought a Korean Wii while in Asia on holiday. Do any of you know which hardware to buy in order to use this in the United States? For example, do I need a voltage transformer or can I simply buy the U.S.-spec Wii adapter and plug that in directly to the unit? I haven't been able to tell whether the Wii can auto detect different voltage types. Note: I do not have the original Korean adapter. I have a Japanese-spec adapter from a unit I originally purchased. When I brought that in for a repair, they simply gave me a Korean unit and I didn't realize this until I returned to the USA.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    If you get a U.S. Wii transformer (there will be some on ebay), it should work fine, BUT you'll have to get every game off ebay for a korean wii.
    I know cause I've got my old Canadian wii, and I moved to Australia. Works perfectly.
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