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    Quote Originally Posted by TheOneSpam View Post
    It sounds like you updated your Wii with a different region's update package. (PAL on NTSC-U, or vice-versa)

    This happened to my friend's Wii a while back.

    Your system is likely either semi-brick blocked or fully brick blocked. Always be weary of updating from game discs. Especially if they are burned, the region of the disc could have been changed but contain an update for PAL machines or w/e. Always use the Wii's online updated if you have a hard modded Wii.

    There are some ways to unblock a semi-bricked machine. Search Google for semi-brick blocked Wii. There are some isos you can burn with appropriate updates to overwrite your most recent firmware upgrade.

    Be careful though, if you use the wrong region again on a semi-bricked machine, you're screwed completely.

    And it's nice to see the loser (Brawny) with a cat with wood up its ass is a douche. Are all 7,000 posts of your as pointless and without any information or help as that one? Don't bother posting if all you have is hate, try helping people. Quality > Quantity, bitch. Trolling FTL.

    Yeah I feel sympathetic to your misfortune as it has happened to my friend but luckily I was able to fix it. Goodluck to you fixing yours.
    I have had a look around and the problems I am having are relatively unique compared to other people who have in some way bricked their Wiis. I have downloaded a PAL iso, and I'm in the process of burning it to disc. I can still use the Internet channel freely, access the options menu freely, and every other function freely. The problem remains that the Wii is unable to read discs. Does this mean it is fully bricked i.e. beyond repair?

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    Now if I'm going to be banned for that, w/e I'd rather not be here anyways.
    then leave now.
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