Hi, this is my first time posting. Ok, I would appreciate any help.

Ok, so I have had my Wii since day one. I always used Component cables since they released and it has always worked. A few days ago I put in Rogue Squadron 2 from the Gamecube into the Wii. I then went into the Settings in the game and turned it to Progressive Scan Mode, then BOOM.....The screen goes green and Black. Now, I KNOW my television supports Progressive Scan, since it is an HD TV and I play every other game in that resolution if the game will support it.

My problem is that now if I try to play my Wii with the Component cables my TV will just remain Blank, it wont even recognize the Wii is turned on. But if I run it through the normal AV cables it will play fine. Does anyone have any ideas?? Why wont the Wii even show up on the TV with my Component Cables anymore, ever since I turned on the Progressive scan option on in the Rogue Squadron 2 menu. I know it is not my tv, since I tried other systems through the Same component inputs and it worked fine. I even bought new Wii Component cables and it still did not work.

Normally I would think that I would have to go into the options menu on the Wii and change it to Progressive again, because maybe it accidentally reset itself even though I have not touched it. But I know that is not the case since the Wii is designed to still play with component cables even if you do not have the Wii set to Progressive. And I cant set it to progressive anymore since I am now forced to use the AV cables, and the Progressive option is blacked out.

Thanks for your time. I will be checking on it regularly if any one has any questions I left out.