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Most electronic enthusiasts would spend hundreds more dollars for more higher end cables for their equipment. Why?
Because they're suckers. Or were duped by salesmen.

Maybe HDMI does not matter cause it's digital you either get picture or no picture at all but when it comes to analog better shielding and higher quality cables make a difference especially in sound quality, maybe not noticeable in video quality but as stated above if you have a big TV 40" or more, higher end brands eg. Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba and spend a lot of time in from of the TV effect is less eye strain and more detail, it's worth the cost.

It's definitely true that analog signals need adequate shielding to keep the signal clean, but there's a point where it's good enough for a clean signal and everything over and above that is snake oil.

Unless you have an extra long cable run or have freakishly high RF interference nearby, then cheapy cables have enough shielding to get the same quality signal as extra shielded, oxygen free copper expensive cable.

Your opinion is your opinion, others have their own way of thinking. We are human because we have choice, give the man a chance to choose what's best for his needs.
It's not really opinion. Tests have been run and experts have not been able to tell the difference.
Here's an account with Monster speaker cables - were no different in quality compared to bent metal coat hangers: