They are just to incredible...
sure $40 is a bit but man so many features...

a. you can check the battery level
b. you can adjust the speaker volume (it comes about 3/4 up)
c. you can turn the rumble on and off
d. it's wireless
e. it's motion sensing
f. it has so much potential for future games
g. it is for channel/menu browsing
h. it's fine for typing
i. it can turn off the the whole console
j. the batterys last 30-40 hours (atleast for me)
k. there are so many well placed buttons for when they are needed
l. mii's can be saved on it
m. has add-on slots

n - z... can't think of any other features/capabilities right now, but yea the list can probobly go on

Only major down-side is a flimsy stap for retarted drunks

Anyone else impressed?