My wii got knocked down while playing a game and as a result the disc is stuck in there. However, it's complicated because it's as if the drive doesn't have power anymore. i.e. when I press eject or turn the wii on it doesn't make those suction sounds, the same thing happens when i try to insert another disc. I've already tried taking the embedded disc out with tweezers, but it's almost impossible. Unfortunately my warranty is out with nintendo and i'm willing to take it apart. My question is, do i have to completely replace the disc? or is there just a loose power cable that connects the drive to the power supply? If i don't need a replacement drive how could i fix my current drive to give it power and get the disc out. In addition I am familiar with the tri-wing screwdriver and how to disassemble the wii. Also take note that my wii is not modded and i have never opened. Thanks in advance!!!