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    Wii to go into sixth month of sales decline

    With both Sony and Microsoft making their respective price cuts and marketing efforts, the Wii has been left stagnating on its price point, making it less competitive in the market. With declining sales and no plans of shedding a few pounds off the price tag, Michael Pachter predicts that things will not get any better for the Wii in September.

    "With the core PS3 and Xbox 360 models priced only US$ 50 higher than the Wii, we expect year-over-year sales of Wii hardware to continue their annual declines until the company either changes its bundle or lowers price," said Pachter. The Wii may still be cheaper, but the fifty-buck difference might spell more trouble for Nintendo, keeping in mind that both Sony and Microsoft are also out to challenge the motion-control market.

    "Wii unit sales are 50 per cent below last year%u2019s level over the last five months, and we think that September sales will repeat the pattern," Pachter added.
    heres the link http://wii.qj.net/Wii-to-go-into-six.../49/aid/134500

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