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    Toys R Us Get In On Wii Price Drop Shenanigans

    According to nintendolife.com Toys R us will have a price cut down to 199 i think, Anyways heres the info.

    Print ad indicates forthcoming price drop for North America

    First Wal-Mart, now Toys R Us. We're still officially sticking with rumor for now, but maybe something is in the cards after all?

    A scan of a circular ad for the big ol' toy store due to hit the week of Sept. 27 indicates that the console/Wii Sports bundle will be dropped to $199, putting it at the same price as the Xbox 360 Arcade SKU and $100 cheaper than the PS3 Slim's new price tag, and $50 cheaper than the forthcoming PSPGo.

    If this happens to be true, that leaves about two weeks for Nintendo to announce an official price drop, conveniently around the time of the Kyoto Cross Media Experience 2009. The Tokyo Game Show is around that time as well, but Nintendo isn't partaking there.

    The Cross Media Experience is also where a new Zelda Wii trailer is rumored to debut.

    Tis but two weeks away.
    and heres the link http://wii.nintendolife.com/news/200...op_shenanigans

    gee the wii is $199, can't believe everything you read on the internet, thats how world war 1 got started. i love that commercial about the ps2.
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