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    Media Create hardware sales 09/7 -09/13: DSi regains throne

    I guess on wii.qj.net they took another poll once again and now the DSI is number one...Congratulations Nintendo

    It's time to compare numbers again. After the impressive giant leap that the PS3 console made the past couple of weeks, things are starting to simmer down as the DSi regains the top spot in Japan's Media Create hardware sales chart for the week of September 7 through the 13th.

    The PS3 numbers are still competitive, but given the events that transpired this month so far, it does rattle the mind how the DSi could have held on to that top spot consistently for so long -- and so quietly at that. I mean, everyone was excited about the PS3 price drop and new Slim model, and we all saw how drastic the effect of that was to its sales. Yet, still, that wasn't enough to even keep it on top for the full first month.

    Don't get me wrong, am not hating. Even more, I'm not even "comparing" the PS3 and the DSi as gadgets. I'm just saying. In the context of this sales charts, that DSi, that's got some wicked magic right there.

    Anyway, here are the numbers:

    * DSi – 66,498
    * PS3 – 55,344
    * PSP – 18,375
    * Wii – 17,568
    * DS Lite – 11,179
    * Xbox 360 – 7,568
    * PS2 – 2,612

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