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    Wii System Menu update 4.2 released, deletes most homebrews

    Attaintion all with homebrew.

    Heads up to the Wii homebrew community! Nintendo has released a new system menu update for the Nintendo Wii, and by the look of things, this one's not gonna be pretty.

    According to reports, almost everything is blocked by the new system menu including Bannerbomb, BootMii, the Homebrew Channel and all version of cIOS. The recently released Indiana Pwns work but you cannot do much with it. The new update now also uses IOS70. All the versions of BC, MIOS and the chain store are also updated.

    We strongly suggest not to update your Wii through Nintendo if you still want to enjoy your homebrews.
    heres the link http://wii.qj.net/Wii-System-Menu-up.../49/aid/134862

    i updated w/o really reading it first

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    Well i dont hack.So im going to update it.

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