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    Best Buy CEO optimistic about the coming Holidays

    I didnt clearly read this though i dunno to put this under gaming or hardware. Wii.qj.net bulletin reads.

    "Consumers are back out spending again." That's what Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn said as he described his anticipation for the forthcoming holidays. Even with the economy going the way it is, the industry seems to have won them over, getting them to spend on their toys again.

    "We are hiring more people for seasonal business," he said. "You are going to see us go deeper on inventory bets. I'm more optimistic today than I was in June." With the major players in the industry fighting it out to attract the holiday splurge, Best Buy won't be the only one getting ready to do some major selling.

    They're not sitting on their laurels though. Dunn points out that they're going to remain competitive on pricing and value, despite deals and promos popping up left and right. "We are not going to be beat by price," he said. "Value is going to be important across all price spectrums, [but] service will be an increasing part of what we do."

    Dunn, who was only promoted to his current position back in June, now has a chance to earn his stripes. With the still-struggling economy, cautious consumer spending, and industry competitors wanting to make it big like they do, it's still not going to be an easy road ahead.

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    well with all 3 systems recieving a price cut, this does seem like the year to go next gen for those that haven't already. that means big bucks

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    Planning on ****ING FINALLY getting a PS3 in the next 2 months. Most likely in November since my birthday is in that month... but if they want me to go buy a PS3 there then they better offer a great warranty for it. I'll buy it happily there if they do.

    Currently playing....

    ...A shit load of games.

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