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    Nintendo offering free repairs for Wiis bricked by System Update 4.2

    Wii.qj.net reported wii owners who updated to 4.2, some might of been bricked but Nintendo will fix it for free.

    Got your Wii bricked after updateing to System Menu 4.2 and you don't do any of that homebrew tomfoolery? Give Nintendo a call. They'll fix it for you at no cost.

    Running into problems with new system updates is always a risk when you have homebrew in your console, but having a clean one bricked by a supposedly official update is another thing altogether.

    Nintendo has fessed up that an "extremely small" number of Wii owners have been affected by the update, and so they're moving to placate those affected. Here's the official word from Nintendo of America:

    At this point, the number of people who have had a problem is extremely small, and in fact, we have found we can help a good portion of people with troubleshooting to the point that there is no repair necessary. For the vast majority of Wii owners who have downloaded system menu update (SMU) 4.2 there have been no issues.

    Anyone who experiences an issue with their Wii after downloading SMU 4.2 should contact Nintendo customer support, and we will work with you to address your specific concerns.

    Of course you better have none of that homebrew stuff on your Wii if you want to get it repaired for free. Affected Wii owners in Europe can also call Nintendo's customer service department in their region for help.
    I don't have mine bricked yet at least.

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