Nintendo head honcho Reggie Fils-aime was interviewed in CNBC, and here he talked about what they, as a company, have to do in order to sustain the phenomenal interest of consumers to their product.

Reggie maintained that their price cut was not a response to Microsoft and Sony's own price cuts, but that instead, it was for their preparation for the holiday season. Will they need to cut prices again in order to lure in more customers? Reggie thinks they don't need to anymore. They've got the value for consumers' money, and value is what customers are willing to spend for.

Walmart is my biggest customer, when talking about my region which is Canada, US, and Latin America. What we see across the world is the same as the US, consumers are very hesitant to spend and when they do they are doing it thoughtfully. As a consumer product manufacturer we have to step it up and keep delivering great experiences.
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