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    Shigeru Miyamoto sees the future of Nintendo games in HD

    According to wii.qj.net Mr. Miyamoto wants better graphics for wii. or at least in HD.


    IndustryGamers recently caught up with Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto in NYC, where the gaming exec shared his thoughts on high definition gaming. While he said nothing that would point us to a Wii HD, we now have more reason to believe that Nintendo isn't gonna sit on its motion-control laurels and leave the graphics as they are.

    Miyamoto himself has confirmed - "Nintendo's games move along in step with the progression of technology."

    Back in June, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata noted that he found no significant reason to make an HD-capable Wii. Later that month, Wedbush Morgan noted that such a console could damage the PS3 comeback.

    This won't be first time that Miyamoto comment on progressing technology. In November of 2008, he used the phrase, "evolving technology" but the context is pretty much the same as it is almost a year later.

    "I don't think there's anything wrong with pretty graphics, and if I'm a consumer that has an HDTV, I'd want to be able to play my games with nice graphics too," he told IndustryGamers yesterday. "And I think as we've seen the penetration rates for HDTV increase, we're going to see video games and Nintendo's games move along in step with the progression of technology."

    HD TVs weren't as common today as when the Wii was launched, so there's definitely more reason for Nintendo to go with that flow. For now, it's still not clear if a Wii HD is on its way.


    Report: Wii successor will be Wii HD, true "next-gen" console

    The Wii's always been getting a lot of flak from its critics who say that it's not really "next-gen." Well maybe this piece of news will keep them quiet. According to a report from What They Play, the second generation Wii will be closer to "next-gen," and "far more than a simple refresh of current hardware." For now, it's given the nickname "Wii HD."

    According to their sources, it seems that Wii HD will have HD visuals, and a "greater emphasis on digitally distributed and backwardly compatible content." That last one suggests that Wii HD might actually have a hard drive or a large flash memory solution.

    The report hails the transition to the second generation as similar to how the original Game Boy jumped to the Game Boy Advance.

    Previous reports from other sources suggested that Nintendo is also looking to holographic data storage for its next console. This kind of tech can hold anywhere from 300 GB to 1.6 TB. Nintendo also revealed before that they are working on a Wii storage solution, although they didn't say if it was for this generation or the second generation. If they're working on it now though, chances are we'll see it on Wii HD.

    The report from What They Play says that Wii HD is coming in 2011. Any reaction, critics?

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    Sweet as long as the price doesn't also double.

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    That holographic storage technology will never in a million years turn up in the next Wii. Especially since giant hard drives are so cheap.

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    What the next Nintendo system should at least be able to do is produce graphics with higher res texture and produce better shader effects. What the Wii was lacking was better graphics effects and texture. Just because a game is in 480p doesn't mean it has to look like what the current crop of wii games. I mean hasn't anybody look at how a good looking 480p game can be? Just look at any 360/PS3 game in 480p, now thats nice and the main thing that set it apart was shader effects, lighting, AA, higher polygon count, etc. It was thought the the Wii from the start was going to be doing something like this due to it not being as powerful, but should of produce great graphics at a lower res. Don't get me wrong the Wii has some great looking games too, but it was mainly lacking in speical effects due to the GPU only having a few shader effects. If the next Wii produce 720p or 1080 contant but lacks any of the shader/texture/rendering effects then it won't be much of an upgrade but clarity only. It's already been stated that the next Nintendo project is going to be smaller and more compact. I could only think that Nintendo is going the route of a higher resolution rendering but not much added effects.

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