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    Court to young repeat offender: Behave or you'll never see your Wii again

    This was on the iwi.qj.net site this morning

    This is unorthodox, yet curious, indeed. A judge has used the threat of Wii confiscation upon a 12-year-old repeat offender boy if he does not behave himself. The Winnipeg Sun reports that local police had been catching and releasing the troublesome kid for the past several months.

    Judge Marvin Garfinkle had granted the boy bail last week, but not with money. Instead, he had the boy's Wii turned over to the court as security. If he wants to get his Wii back, he'll need to abide by the following conditions: keeping the peace, appearing for court dates, living with his grandmother, attending the bail management program. If he fails to follow any one of these conditions, that court turnover would be the last time he'd have seen his Wii.

    Where he'll go if he doesn't get his Wii back

    The boy's colorful resume of law run-ins would include smashing the doors of his elementary school using a rock-filled sock, running after a classmate and punching him several times in the face, and going back to attend classes in his old school, which he did at least three times, despite strict court orders. Back in August, he also reportedly hit another boy on the head with his pool cue. His latest arrest, which ultimately lead to the Wii ultimatum, was due to him attacking another male student, as well as a female teacher, in his new school.

    That's quite an...erm... impressive resume for a 12-year-old, wouldn't you say?

    As for the boy's lawyer, Susan Puranen said that her client is actually just unfortunate that he keeps finding himself in those kinds of situation. Misunderstood is the word she wanted to use, I believe.

    "I know it doesn't look good. I've never seen him enraged, I've never seen him upset. He's a 12-year-old who is generally quite scared."

    He didn't seem too scared when he was doing all those offenses. What do you think? Will his Wii embargo get him straight?
    heres the link http://www.winnipegsun.com/news/winn...48331-sun.html
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