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    Reggie unconcerned with motion control competition

    According to wii.qj.net, the site points out that Reggie is unconcerned about the motion-controls competition.

    Nintendo currently has the motion-controlled console market in a chokehold, but Sony and Microsoft are planning to cut into Nintendo's slice of the market pie with their own motion controllers. NoA president Reggie Fils-Aime, however, isn't worried.

    "Yes, it could be that our current 100 percent marketshare in motion control could lose a couple of points," he said at BMO Capital Markets' Digital Entertainment conference in New York. . "But... with a head-start of over 51 million controllers, I still like our chances."

    Fils-Aime also noted that according to Nintendo research, there are "tens of millions" of console-less Americans interested in buying one. He further implied that these potential gamers will more likely be drawn to the Wii due to its "continuing redefinition of what a video game is, along with increased pick-up-and-play capabilities."

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    Basically, Reggie thinks Nintendo is so far ahead that Sony and Microsoft can't possibly catch up to them with their motion controllers anyhow, making the motion control competition a losing battle for the two companies.

    It isn't to say that I believe him or anything, but the guy certainly makes a fair argument.
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