Here is my problem:
I bought my Wii around the time it came out and have had no problems till a few months ago. When my brothers were playing Mario Kart Wii, the Wii froze and now has the black screen of death. This consists of the Wii fully starting up but has a black screen on start up (plus the occasional frozen health and safety screen with no place to press an A button). I've tried researching and all the small non-invasive tricks but to no avail. The wiimotes and controllers work and nothing simple has not already been tried. I would just like to know if someone could tell me what I should do from here? I have contemplated the following:
1) Send it in to Nintendo for $75.
2) See if Nintendo caused it. For example, them and their firmware updates via Wii Connect 24 (which was activated on my Wii) perhaps could have caused problems.
3) Any other tips you guys have in terms of getting it fixed by another store.

I would just appreciate some guidance on what to do. I am not too tech savy so try to explain technical things to me if possible.