Like many of you, we have wii sports resort which uses extra large
controllers. So these controllers (with rechargable batteries) cannot
be used in the wii controller recharging machines (to recharge the
batteries). [If you know of a recharging device, I would love to hear
of it.]

Thus, we have have rechargable batteries and an unit to recharge
the batteries. The drawback is that these batteries need to be taken
in and out all the time (and the batteries get ripped). I'm thinking of
buying a recharging pad where you can place devices (Wii controllers
in this case) on and recharger the device. Has anyone else ever
done this? Will this scheme works?

Any other idea(s) to recharge the extra long wii sports resort
controller would be appreciated.

Thiese controllers eat power, so using regular batteries is not an