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    No, we would hit the home button on the first remote and then go to remote settings, then reconnect. Then you hit the 1-2 button on each remote. I thought I had sync'd it once, but it turned out I must not have. After trying the snyc thing again, it works as it should.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blkandrust View Post
    I found controllers on e-bay that are obviously not made by Nintendo for 1/3 the price of the nintendo controllers...these are made in Korea..are they any good?..or should I just get the Nintendo controls?
    Ever since the fine folks at Mayflash emailed me back saying they were going to be making the Wii Classic Controller to USB adapter (the one which the guys at HKems and 4triangles said wouldn't be worth making because the CC isn't popular enough, lol) I had been scouring Ebay looking for Classic Controllers to use with the adapter once I got it (got a free sample for pushing the idea at them), sadly most of what I was seeing were knockoffs being sold out of Hong Kong. Sometimes you can't even tell that they're bootlegs and the only way to know is to ask the seller beforehand.

    There's a black flat style Classic Controller circulating Ebay that has the Wii markings, but is clearly a knock-off (the box says "Shiro" which is white, instead of Kuro which is black, so that's an obvious tip off right there). And now there are even knock-offs of the Classic Controller Pro cluttering up Ebay. If it's ''amazingly cheap'' chances are it's a bootleg. You're better off just going to your local Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Game Stop or whatever, atleast then you're not wasting your money on a bootleg, and if it doesn't work correctly you can always exchange it or get a refund.

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