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    An Error has Occured (Wii Help)

    I'm Anna, and I registered because I'm having Wii trouble
    I think my Wii is dirty, I have tried using a no-moisture dust cleaner, cleaned my discs, descratched my discs, refinished them, and I tried to take the Wii apart, but unfortunately I do not have a a 3-headed screw driver. I also have 2 BRAND NEW videos games :Muramasa The Demon Blade and Okami so I know it isn't the disc. It continues to say:

    An error has occured. Please eject the disc and turn the power off. For more information, please consult your Wii manual

    or something like that. I DID consult my Wii manual and read almost EVERYTHING in it. I'm afraid I might have to get a new Wii. Advice and suggestions are welcome, thanks!~
    Oh yeah and it ONLY happens when I insert a disc, if I try and go on any of the other channels, it works, included the downloaded games. It ONLY says there's an error if I try and play a disc (video game)

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    Maybe your Wii has overheated, that happened with my old Wii and later wouldn't even work at all, hopefully that doesn't happen with yours..

    Ok mine started out like that but in the Mii Channel, it would say "Mii files are damaged, consult Wii manual" (not exactly like that since my Wii is in Spanish, but you get the idea) then no channel would work at all or virtual console games, but I didn't even care cause I could play disc games anyway, well that stopped working too months later, so if you still have warranty(lasts for a year or more if you registered your consoled to Club Nintendo) you could possibly have it checked up or replace! :} Hope this helps.
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